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All the best extensions for Facebook

Magic tools for facebook

Magic Tools for Facebook™ is a lightweight and useful add-on designed for a more comfortable facebook experience. Magic Tools is easy to use!


CSS3 Facebook PhotoZoom

The simpliest way to view photos on Facebook!
Add a cool auto zoom on your facebook stream :)

SocialProtect protect your social life

Color My Facebook PRO

Enhance your Facebook experience! change the Color of your facebook


Pretty Facebook Chat

Get now a new Pretty Facebook chat for free
And create your chat!


Facebook Layouts

FINALLY You can now customize the look, feel and background of your Facebook Profile!


Facebook Color Status

Add fun and colors on your facebook !
Add colors, bold, underline and lots of other style on your status!


Facebook LockUp

Protect your facebook
Adds a password and blocks your facebook when you are logged and avoid trolls who take control of your account!


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